Tejaycey has a qualified Dog Behaviourist on site and can now offers behaviour modification in two ways:

Group sessions

Socialisation is an extremely important part in a dog’s development.
Each group will be limited to 5 dogs (and owners) to allow individual attention when needed.

  • Puppies 0-6 months. Separate sessions for giant breeds such as St.Bernards, Masstifs, Great Danes, Mountain dogs, etc
  • Puppies 6 -12 months. Separate sessions for large breed
  • Large breeds 12 – 18 months
  • Mature dogs over 12 months

Introductory price per dog £5.00 per dog per hour session.

  • The sessions will have an introduction to explain why socialisation is so important.
  • All dogs will be kept on leads until the introductions and assessments are made.
  • Each dog will be assessed one at a time which dog can do basic sit, stay, down and come.
  • Becky will discuss with each owner what they are confident (or not) in handling their dogs.
  • If it is safe to do so, the dogs will have some off-lead play with Becky and the owner calling their dog back one at a time to practise recall/stop command.

All dogs will be assessed first before entering the paddock to make sure they are sociable with other dogs and people. If a dog is not dog friendly, they will not be able to attend the session however one on one behaviour modification would be recommended, and an alternative appointment made to discuss or move forward.

Personal Individual sessions

These will be tailor-made in consultation with the owner. There will be an initial meeting to look in depth at the current problem, the history leading to it and the circumstances the owner and the dog are facing.

Following this there will be a series of 5 meetings to help give the owner tools to help change the problematic behaviour and improve the situation for both the dog and the owner. Each meeting will look at what succeeded and what did not and see what changes need to be done to reach the required outcome.

As with all consultations of this nature there is no guarantee of success but with patience and perseverance there should be a significant change in the dog’s behaviour to make both his/her life and your life happier.