Well Mum and Dad have chosen their holiday and now they are choosing a holiday for you. But don’t worry, if you are coming to Tejaycey you are going to have a fantastic holiday. You are going to have a chalet that is exclusive for you. You will get a large indoor area that will have plenty of room for your bed, your water and food bowls and room to stretch (far bigger than the minimum requirement that humans believe is correct – what do they know?) In the morning the staff will bring you your favourite food.  If you are bored with your food and want to try out something new, just ask the staff to prepare a taster menu for you. During the day you have exclusive use of your own outdoor patio run which is covered to prevent the rain but will not stop you enjoying the sun’s rays. The patio is large enough for you to run happily up and down and should you chance to see any of the wonderful wildlife surrounding us please don’t hesitate to let us know so we don’t miss the attraction. You won’t be bored with the day’s activities. Breakfast is served in your room and all the staff are under strict orders to make sure you have cuddles, petting and a happy good morning call.  After breakfast you are encouraged to stretch your legs on the patio whilst your2006_0312TJC0020 bedroom is cleaned. During the morning one of the staff will come and put your own personal lead on you and you can chose if to walk through the orchards or down the road. The orchard benefits from the tantalising smells of wildlife and has many different pathways, the road is less muddy and messy and gives you a broader feeling of freedom. For the older ones amongst us a lovely walk in the lawn areas is perfect to keep the joints supple. After your walk it is nice to have some peace in your own area and sometimes it is interesting to talk to the neighbours. There is always background radio to keep you up to date with the latest songs and the news and all staff busy on the premises will always have a minute of two to say something nice and give a cuddle if needed, so don’t forget to make sure you get one.  Before you can say “ Jack London” it will be time for your second walk.  As the time nears the usual time for your Mum or Dad to come home from work and your stomach starts rumbling, your evening meal will be served in your room. After dinner and a quick walk on the patio to watch the sunset, your bed will be remade for you, the heat lamp put on and the hatch to the outside closed against nasty drafts. All that remains is for you to curl up cosy and happy, close your eyes and dream happy dreams