We all know parents have to work to ensure they keep you to the correct standard of living but don’t let them leave you home alone and bored all day. Ask them to bring you to the Tejaycey Doggy Day Care Centre. We now have a new huge open area which is roofed against rain and UV light.

You will have plenty of room to run around and mix with new friends.  

We have toys and equipment to keep you stimulated and exercised and when you are tired, you have a personal sleeping room to rest and recharge your batteries.

If you need anything, from flinging a ball to help learning how to jump through a hoop, just ask the team. Your parents will swing by the kennels after their work to take you home for dinner and a well-earned evening relaxation on your favourite bed/couch.

You can tell your Mum/Dad that they don’t need to take you on a long walk, just make sure they give you attention, cuddles and hugs.


The centre opens everyday from 8:00 am and closes at 18:00 pm

The cost is £ 12 a day