Nestling in a secluded area far from the nasty, noisy dogs is the ultimate cat retreat. There are 3 blocks of 6 catteries set around a lovely lawn surrounded by trees and bushes. Your personal chalet has 2 levels. The ground floor has your conveniences for clean toilet matters, a scratching post and room to stretch to your heart’s content. Pop up the ladder and stick your head into the bedroom. This is closed in and protected from the elements and you will be happy to find that the bed is heated and full of soft and fluffy blankets. Food will be delivered to your bedroom twice a day and dry nibbles and water will be available all day. Your chalet has a mesh door allowing you to watch all the activity in the lawns and trees. We are sorry but we cannot allow you the luxury of hunting but you can certainly plan the strategy. As all cats do you will have plenty of time to curl up and sleep with no disturbances. All our staff love cats and we will try to make each interaction include a stroking and petting session as all our staff love to hear you purring.