Tejaycey will be pleased to accept animals for boarding on the following basis :-

  • That the animal’s owner warrants that the animal is in fit and sound condition, or the owner has made Tejaycey aware of any medical condition and that Tejaycey has agreed to accept the animal.
  • The animal’s owner confirms that Dogs and Cats annual vaccination booster injection has been administered within the last 12 months or at least 7 days prior to boarding. We do need to see a copy of the certificate at every stay before any animal will be accepted for boarding. Although kennel cough vaccination is optional we do recommend that you do get your dog vaccinated 6 weeks before boarding.
  • In the event of injury to or illness of a cat or dog, Tejaycey will contact your vet as given in your contact sheet. You will be expected to cover the costs of any treatment. Should we be unable to contact your designated vet and the problem is considered urgent we will contact the regular vet that we use.
  • The animal’s owner accepts and agrees that whilst every care and attention is given to the animal(s), they are accepted at the owner’s risk. Also, belongings (such as toys, blankets, beds, leads, collars, bowls, carriers and cages) are also left at the owner’s risk.
  • All rates are daily from and including the day of arrival up to and including the day of departure. Owners must settle their accounts in full before the animal is removed.
  • Cheque or debit/credit card payments for a sum less than £10 will not be accepted due to bank charges. Cheques will not be accepted for the payment of outstanding balances at the end of pets stay. Owners will be liable for any additional costs incurred  in the event of a dishonoured cheque.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Year’s Day, will all be charged at double rate.
  • Tejaycey reserves the right to change these conditions from time to time. Please check the website or call.