All Prices are indicative depending on desired finish and coat condition.

Common Breeds Full Groom Bath & Dry
Yorkshire Terrier £25
Maltese Terrier £25
Jack Russell Terrier £25 £20
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel £25
West Highlander Terrier £30
Cocker Spaniel £35
Springer Spaniel £35 £20
Long Haired Fox Terrier £30
Shih Tzu £30
Miniature Schnauzer £30
Gordon/Irish/Red Setter £35
German Shepherd £40
Siberian Husky £40
Border Collie £35
Labradoodle £40
St Bernard POA
Newfoundland POA
Mountain Dogs POA
Poodle POA
Staffordshire Bull Terrier £20
Labrador Retriever ( short coated) £20
Hand Stripping POA POA

For all other breeds, a quotation will be given on application

Under the Animal Welfare Act if at any stage we believe the dog is in pain or agitated whilst de-matting we will contact you.